The White Meadow Lake Sailing Club is a small non professional club of sailing hobbyists located in Rockaway New Jersey. The club wanted something bright and colorful that could be used on t shirts, banners, and water bottles. The logo mark incorporates a variety of nautical iconography with clean lines and a simple flat look.


Long Sleeve Shirt 

The logo mark is appropriate for a variety of apparel including long sleeve and short sleeve T shirts, as well as sweat pants and sweat shirts.

Wml 2.jpg

Color Variants 

The traditional White Meadow Lake colors are green and yellow. The logo mark looks pleasing in a variety of contrasting and like color schemes. 

Wml 3.jpg


Variations on the logo mark were created and judged. Different combinations of the elements and different layouts contributed to the process. Many iterations were explored and ultimately ruled out for being either too busy, too hard to read at small sizes or not indicative of the WML Sailing Club's Goals.